Private Investigations
*Pandora Security & Investigations is a full service private investigation company that will handle your case with confidentiality, integrity, thoroughness, and efficiency.

Executive Protection

Personal Protection
*Executive/Personal Protection: There is a difference between a “bodyguard” and a Protection Professional.


Armed Officers
*Armed security officers protect people and property.
An armed security officer is any person who has the license to carry a weapon, ranging from a club and spray can to a firearm, while carrying out his duty of protecting an individual or property. Security officers usually adorn uniforms that give them high visibility and differentiate them from regular civilians. The uniforms also act to deter inappropriate or illegal action within their workplace.

Unarmed Officers
*Patrol Services: Industrial Complexes, HOA, Apartments, Businesses.
We are a private security business committed to keeping our communities safe and closing the gap between law enforcement and security by providing patrols in your community along with access control, public relations, and traffic control. We also provide consulting services offered in a variety of specialized areas.


Armed Couriers
*When you have highly important and valuable documents, jewelry, deposits, and payroll that must be delivered securely and on time.


Process Servers
*Process servers are needed in an assortment of tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal documents and document retrieval. Their principal job is to deliver or “serve” legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case. After serving any legal documents, process servers have to deliver actual evidence that the legal papers were served.